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From the Twice-Baked Orchestra, to the Drumming Halloween Skellies, and from trance dance to marching bands, Drum Journeys of Earth has something for everyone. 

From bringing theatre to prison inmates, to an artists' cafe and a passion for model trains, Gary Meitrott believes in reaching out to the community.

From summer stock to personal speaking, Broadway actor Gary Meitrott helps you bring out your best performance.

Music & Theatre for Children. 

There are many benefits for children with drumming including 
improving learning skills and more. Click on the picture to the left for more information.

Rhythm is inside of all of us.  Drum Journeys of Earth can help you find yours. Classes in ethnic drumming; and ensembles for a variety of venues.





Unlimited Possibilities

Classes and performances in music, theatre, puppetry and more...