Drum Journeys of Earth

Grab the Beat, Feel the Rhythm

Calling all dashboard thumpers, pencil rappers, finger tappers! You too can learn to reveal the hidden rhythm within you! The first step of the journey is to realize that each of us has a birthright to rhythm. 

Drum Journeys of Earth has been offering ethnic drumming instruction and performances in the Rutland, Vermont area for more than 15 years.  

West African

The popularity of this instrument is due largely in part to the primal sound of this tribal drum,

which can transport you to another place and time. The raw power of the low bass tone

beckons you to come and play. The explosive slap makes you come alive while the open tone

balances these two extremes. Gary Meitrott will teach techniques that allow you to play with

an authentic sound, as well as to safeguard your hands. Drum Journeys of Earth classes

provide an element of fun as we learn new skills and reconnect with our body, mind, and spirit.

Latin Rhythm

Ease into the sensual feel of the conga with gentle heel/touches, sharp closed slaps, mellow harmonic open tones and subtle bass tones. Latin conga offers even more sounds with muffled tones and drops. You’ll learn the Latin rhythms of the different drums ~ quinto,  segunda, dos segunda and the tumba ~ and become adept at playing the hand percussion instruments of clave, maracas, guiro, campana and the shekere.

Heart & Ritual of the Medicine Drum

Students will learn pow-wow drumming, chanting and circle dancing. “The steady pounding beat of a medicine drum helps us notice our own heartbeat,” says Gary Meitrott, Drum Journeys of Earth teacher.  “This low steady beat can create a calmness which is very therapeutic in getting in touch with our inner selves.”

Middle Eastern

Aaah, the sensuous sound and undulation of this Middle Eastern drum, students will learn basic music theory, techniques of the various tones of the doumbek and rhythms of the Middle East, Baladi, Masmoudi, Ayyoub and more. Perhaps the most familiar context for this drum is the music that accompanies Egyptian belly-dancing. Dance students can improve their dancing by learning to play the drum.

Spirit Drumming

Introduces the beginner to the rum without being ethnic specific. You’ll learn different types off drums, easy improvisation and chanting.

When Women Were Drummers

Working with the frame drum with both hands and using the Layne Redmond’s book ot the same name.  A celebration of women (men invited)!

Rhythm-Rubbish-Rush: DJE's version of Stomp!

Enter into a playground of off-the-wall percussion instruments made from trash. You’ll learn to feel the rhythm in your body with body percussion. With the ‘pulse’ as a point of reference, the beats that surround the pulse become familiar in how they sound and how they feel.    


The bodhran drum is the traditional beat of Irish music. Learn how to obtain different sounds and to play the skin with your palm or your fingers; tap with a stick on the goatskin or on the rim,and how to place a hand on the back of the playing surface and move the hand to get different sounds.