Gary Meitrott Unlimited

Offers Drumming for Children & a Junior Shakespeare Company

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Why Have Your Child

Take Drum or Acting Classes?

According to the study by E. Glenn Shallenberg at the University of Toronto, IQ test scores of 6-year old children significantly improved after receiving drum lessons. Shallenberg recruited a group of 144 six (6) year olds and separated them into 4 groups: those receiving drum lessons, voice lessons, drama lessons and no lessons.

Children receiving the drum lessons showed significant improvement in their IQ tests, gaining an average of 7 IQ points.

Meanwhile, children receiving voice lessons increased 6 points, those receiving drama lessons increased 5 points and children receiving no lessons improved 4 points. In his article in Psychological Science, Shallenberg concluded that musical training, in particular, was responsible for the extra IQ points.